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'ISIS Cancer': 300 Americans fighting in Syria, Iraq threaten US security

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Unarmed Black Men Killed by Law Enforcement - The Root

The shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., reopens a fresh wound just weeks after a police chokehold killed Eric Garner in New York City.



Oscar Grant; Eric Garner; Wendell Allen 


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Michael Brown, 18, was on his way to his grandmother's house in Ferguson, Mo.--a surburb just outside of St. Louis -- on August 9, 2014 when a series of events would claim his life.
According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, some reports indicate that Brown and the police officer who's accused of shooting him engaged in an initial struggle for an officer’s gun inside a patrol car before the teen was shot. But a 19-year-old witness told the paper that she saw a police officer attempting to place Brown in the rear seat of a police car. She then saw Brown trying to flee the car, with his hands in the air, while multiple shots were fired at him. 
Brown planned to start college on Monday, August 11. 

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ISIS Releases Map of 5-Year Plan to Spread from Spain to China


ISIS’ Goals for Iraq and Syria
Background on ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The jihadists terrorists of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)-- now trying to rebrand as simply the "Islamic State"-- have released a new map that outlines the territory they aspire to conquer within the next five years. That territory spans from Morocco and Spain out to Sri Lanka and the border of China.

The map, which surfaced on Twitter and has begun to be distributed widely throughout social media, paints in black every territory ISIS wishes to incorporate into the newly announced caliphate, which currently only spans, according to ISIS officials, throughout Syria ("al-Sham") and Iraq. The Daily Mail notes that the westernmost territory of the map, labeled "Maghreb," is the Western Sahara, including Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and a host of other nations. In Europe, the western limits of the empire are Spain-- "Al-Andaluz"-- a territory once controlled by Muslims in the Middle Ages. The map then incorporates almost every nation between Spain and the borders of China, as well as "Greece, Romania and Bulgaria - extending its territories in eastern Europe as far as Austria, which appears to be based on a pre-First World War borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire."
Since the map is not labeled using the political distinctions recognized by the rest of the world, it is unclear whether ISIS includes parts of China in their caliphate. Western China is home to millions of Muslims, many of the Uyghur ethnic minority. Uyghur separatists have been blamed for a recent string of terror attacks in Xinjiang, in the westernmost limits of the nation.
ABC News notes that the map began to surface on social media as ISIS made strides in conquering cities in Iraq, and was most widely disseminated as the terrorist group formalized the announcement of the caliphate under their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
The map is part of a larger propaganda effort meant in equal measure to attract Western Muslims to the cause of jihad and scare Iraqi and Syrian soldiers out of fighting against them. The former effort has resulted in a large volume of English-language multimedia, the product of ISIS's press outlet, Al Hayat Media. In one video, a jihadist mocks President Barack Obama in English, asking whether he has "prepared diapers for your soldiers." The other side to ISIS's propaganda outfit are images spread over Twitter and other social media detailing the atrocities these jihadists commit. This week, the Syrian Conservatory for Human Rights, an NGO stationed in the region, confirmed that nine men had been crucified for not being extremist enough in their commitment to jihad. The images have made the rounds on the internet, as jihadists proudly pass them on the followers.

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ISIS Already in Gaza Strip

Hamas seems to be losing control of the dozens of terror cells in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas prevented local journalists from covering the ISIS rally in the Gaza Strip last month as part of its effort to deny the existence of ISIS in the Gaza Strip. But Hamas seems to be trying to cover the sun with one finger.

The Gaza Strip is no longer only a threat to Israel, but also to Egypt. The only way to confront this threat is through security cooperation between Israel and Egypt.
Despite denials by Hamas, there is growing evidence that the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS] -- also known as "The Islamic State" -- has begun operating in the Gaza Strip.
Palestinian Authority [PA] and Israeli security sources are convinced that followers of ISIS in the Gaza Strip are responsible for some of the recent rocket attacks on Israel.
Hamas, they say, seems to be losing control over the dozens of terror cells belonging to ISIS and other jihadi groups.

Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, in Gaza. (Image source: ISIS YouTube video)
Eyad al-Bazam, spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Interior, earlier this week denied reports ISIS terrorists had infiltrated into Egypt through tunnels along the border with the Gaza Strip. He described the reports as "lies and fabrications," adding that they are part of a campaign to "distort the image of the Gaza Strip," and that "There is no presence of ISIS in the Gaza Strip."
The denial came in response to a report in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm according to which Egyptian security forces arrested 15 ISIS terrorists who tried to enter Sinai from the Gaza Strip. According to the report, Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip facilitated the infiltration of the ISIS terrorists into Egypt so that they could carry out a terrorist attack against Egyptians.
The report said that the terrorists had been entrusted with establishing terror cells and branches of ISIS in Egypt.
Hamas is obviously nervous about the presence of ISIS terrorists in the Gaza Strip and sees them as a direct challenge to its rule. ISIS believes that Hamas is "too moderate" and is not doing enough to achieve the destruction of Israel.
Last month, Hamas sent its policemen and militias to disperse a rally organized by ISIS followers in the Gaza Strip to celebrate the recent "military victories" of the terrorist group in Iraq. Hamas prevented local journalists from covering the event as part of its attempt to deny the existence of ISIS in the Gaza Strip.
At the rally, attended by dozens of Islamists, the crowd chanted, "Khaybar, Khyabar, Ya Yahud, Jaish Mohamed Saya'ud!" ("O Jews, Mohamed's army will return.")
This is a battle cry that many Islamists like to chant to remind the Jews of the story of the battle fought in 629 CE by the Prophet Mohamed against the Jews of Khaybar, an oasis in northwestern Arabia. The battle resulted in the killing of many Jews, and their women and children were taken as slaves.
Earlier this year, masked militiamen in the Gaza Strip posted a video on YouTube in which they declared their allegiance to ISIS. The militiamen are believed to be members of a radical Islamist salafist group that has been operating in the Gaza Strip for the past few years.
Then, Hamas also denied that ISIS had any followers in the Gaza Strip. But Hamas seems to be trying to cover the sun with one finger.
At the funeral of two Islamists killed by the Israel Defense Forces last week in Gaza, funeral-goers carried flagsand banners of ISIS.
Over the past decade, it has become clear that Hamas is not the only terrorist organization operating in the Gaza Strip, which has become a base for dozens of jihadi groups, some linked to Al-Qaeda and ISIS.
The smuggling tunnels that used to link the Gaza Strip with Egypt (most have been destroyed by the Egyptian army over the past year) have facilitated the movement of thousands of Islamist terrorists in both directions.
The Gaza Strip is no longer only a threat to Israel, but also to the national security of Egypt.
The only way to confront this threat is through security cooperation between Israel and Egypt, which have a common interest in preventing the Islamists from exporting their terrorism beyond the borders of the Gaza Strip.