An Ethiopian maid was in critical condition Friday after her boss threw her  from the fourth store balcony of her Mount Lebanon.
The neighbors saw  woman suffered severe fractures and bruises after leaping from her employer's balcony in the town of Bsalim, 12 kilometers northeast of Beirut.
Security forces launched an investigation into the case at the request of the judiciary. The woman's employers are being questioned, the source added.
According to the International Labor Organization, Lebanon is home to over 250,000 female migrant domestic workers, the majority of whom come from Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, the Philippines and Bangladesh to work as housemaids.
Rights groups have complained that employers often withhold pay, lock workers in their homes and confiscate their passports, among other abuses.
The in addition to the  harsh living conditions the employers have pushed some migrant workers to through the balcony. Others have died or been seriously injured while trying to escape the employers’ residences.
In 2008, Human Rights Watch recorded one migrant domestic worker death per week from unnatural causes, including abuses by the middle eastern modern slave raider .